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Possible connections

  • Basin
  • Shower
Vertical and horizontal discharges: 3 m 30 m

The  SANIDOUCHE® Flat allows the installation of a flat receiver. SANIDOUCHE ® Flat consists of a pump with a very low engagement height (only 30mm!) And an extra flat siphon suitable for all standard shower trays.

The SANIDOUCHE ®  Flat  fits under a shower tray or in a bathroom cabinet.

Advantages :

  • Quiet
  • Height between the drain and the floor: only 45 mm
  • Very low pump engagement height: 30 mm
  • Small footprint
  • Extra flat siphon (42mm under siphon) compatible with all bins on the market

Principle of operation: 

  • Same as  SANIDOUCHE ®  and  SANIDOUCHE ®  Flat 
  • The water enters the tank and when it reaches a certain level, it activates a microswitch and the pump starts.
Electrical Supply (V) 220-240 / 50
Min. Gravity Fall on Horizontal Run 3
Discharge Pipe Diameter (mm) 32
Vertical Discharge (m) 3
Horizontal Discharge (m) 30
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 295 x 162 x 144


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