Saniflo - macerator pumps that fit behind a WC

The Saniflo range, to create additional toilet facilities anywhere and without major building work

As the original inventor of the macerator, SFA and Saniflo have been creating sanitary solutions for over 60 years.

By installing a Saniflo macerator, you can create additional toilet facilities anywhere in your home, even when gravity drainage is not available.

A water inlet, a small diameter drain and an electrical outlet are all you need to install a Saniflo macerator.

Saniflo - macerator pumps that fit behind a WC

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When you need slimline sanitaryware you need a macerator pump to match. Sanislim...

  • Bidet
  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Washbasins

To add a toilet, Saniflo offers a wide range of products with various features to suit your situation.

One thing they all have in common though, is quality. As well as the classic Saniflo models, we always try to incorporate efficiency and new aesthetics, whereaver possible:

 Our SANIWALL Pro Up models with a sleek glass finish for the wall

 Our SANIWALL Pro Up models allowing you to use your own choice of tiles to customise your room

 Our SANIPACK Pro that sits discreetly inside your bathroom furniture

Adding extra toilet facilities has never been easier thanks to Saniflo SFA

It can be installed anywhere, without major building work.

To save time and money and be sure that you get the desired result, it is important to make essential decisions before the project starts. Your best guarantee for a smooth project is to use a trusted brand that offers excellent product quality and reliable customer service.

However, as a major player in the industry, we recognise that our social and ecological responsibility is important and we proudly display our colours in this by compliance with ISO9001 and ISO1001 standards.

Our choice of internal policies is consistent with our original vision,stemming from our historical roots. Transparency and compassion ensure loyalty and availability to our customers and employees.