Air Conditioning Accessories

News 09/29/2020

Air Conditioning Accessories

More than an element of comfort, the installation of an air conditioner is more and more essential in view of the scorching episodes which follow one another year after year. Not to mention that an air conditioner does not just cool the air : it also serves to reduce the humidity level and optimize the temperature of each room equipped with air conditioning . But to be able to install an air conditioning system in any room, it is necessary to provide for the evacuation of condensates .

What is air conditioning condensate?

The condensates are inevitable in any air conditioning system . These are particles that are the result of condensation that forms during the operation of the air conditioner . The air thus transformed into water accumulates in the system. If it is not evacuated, then it is a harmful source of proliferation of germs and microbes. In order to be able to drain the condensate correctly, a sump pump must be used . This is what the French manufacturer SFA offers you with the Sanicondens Clim solution . It is easily installed, takes place discreetly at the back of a wall-mounted air conditioner and works silently.

Condensate lift pumps

The Sanicondens Clim system from SFA is the practical solution to easily drain condensate from air conditioners . Sanicondens Clim is available in 3 products, Sanicondens Clim Pack, Sanicondens Eco and Sanicondens Pro . The basic product fits into any air conditioning system thanks to its miniature size. Consisting of two blocks, detection and pump, the system works as follows: the detection unit sends a signal to the pump unit as soon as the condensate level reaches a certain threshold. The sump pump is then activated to suck the water and evacuate it to the outside.

The Sanicondens Clim Pack solution consists of the basic lift pump system supplemented by the presence of a chute . As for the Sanicondens Pro , it can collect condensates from gas and oil boilers (with Sanineutral). The large capacity of its tank with a volume of 2 liters, avoids too frequent starting, in fact preserving the longevity of the engine . All solutions are guaranteed for 2 years by SFA .