Lift Stations

News , Press releases 07/12/2021

Lift Stations

Why install a lifting station?

Evacuating wastewater from a home is of course an imperative. When this cannot be done naturally through gravity flow because the sewerage system is above your house, then it is essential to install a lifting station . This device consists, among other things, of a lift pump whose function is to lift waste water .

How does a sump pump work?

The pump is the heart of the lifting station . It is she who provides enough hydraulic power to lift the water. The sump pump begins by sucking the liquids, before propelling them through a discharge pipe using an electric turbine motor. Choosing the correct pump flow rate depends on the height of the drop.

Where to place the lifting station?

The correct positioning of the lifting station depends on the configuration of your home. It is generally recommended to place the lifting station upstream of the treatment device and downstream of the pit. But other solutions are possible and must be studied on a case-by-case basis. Regarding the place of installation, moreover, the lifting station can be placed in different places. It can be in the foundation slab at the time of construction of the dwelling. This solution has the advantage of being associated with a siphon, thus making it possible to evacuate the water from its point of emission and to save space at the same time. It is also possible to bury the lifting stationin your garden or under the driveway leading to your garage. This eliminates any noise nuisance, but cannot be envisaged if the ground is saturated with water. Otherwise, there is a risk that the lifting station itself will be raised . As a general rule, the main thing is to install the lifting station in a dry and frost-free room with little traffic.

How to choose the most suitable lifting station?

As noted above, the height of the lift is the first point to consider when choosing the right equipment. Next comes the type of water to be noted . Liquids have different granulometry depending on their origin: clear water, waste water or loaded water cannot be treated by just any lifting station . Finally, the surface area of ​​your home is the last important element to take into account when choosing the lifting station . The volume of the tank must in fact be proportional to the number of users permanently present in your home.