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  • News , Press releases 04/30/2020

    Sanicom Waste Water Pump

    For your gray water and for indoor installation, the SANICOM® range is the ideal answer. Available with a SANICOM® 1 with a motor is perfect for raising water of 90 ° with ease. SANICOM® 2 with its two motors operating alternately or in concert in the event of significant needs, with its alarm and its remote control box is the solution for your needs in a public place or a commercial place.

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  • News , Press releases 04/17/2020

    Saniflo Sewage and Waste Water Product Sheet

    EASY! All waste water and sewage pump product details which you may need to solve your SANIFLO application on one sheet, datasheet, installation manual, certificates and YouTube videos. Please contact Robin on 086 047 3675

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  • CPD Saniflo Webinar Presentation

    Events , News , Press releases 04/12/2020

    CPD Saniflo Webinar Presentation

    Please contact us to schedule a 1 hour Webinar CPD presentation on waste water and sewage pumping solutions.

  • News , Press releases 02/04/2020

    The SFA Group is adopting a new visual identity

    For more than 60 years, SFA Group companies have been working together to provide professional and private customers with ever-improving sanitary arrangements for their everyday lives. They provide them with much more than technological knowledge and expertise, by offering inventive, reliable solutions that are simple to implement.

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  • CPD Presentation

    Events , News , Press releases 01/28/2020

    CPD Presentation

    Please contact robin.jackman@sanirish.com to book a lunch time CPD presentation. Presentation includes and history of the macerator, the workings, the applications, the development and the regulations.

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