Saniflo Sump Pump complete range

News 03/19/2021

Saniflo Sump Pump complete range

Market leader in all-purpose pumps, SFA offers the largest offer at the Interclima Show, both in terms of the depth and the width of its ranges of pumps and lifting stations. Drawing on this expertise, SFA also develops global solutions and kits that are part of the company's DNA: to offer high-performance, reliable products that are easy to install and easy to maintain.

SFA sump pumps: an extended catalog to meet all situations and configurations

With the takeover of Zehnder Pumpen at the start of 2019, no less than 100 references have added to the catalog of SFA pumps. A wealth that allows the company to meet all expectations, whatever the nature of the water (clear, waste, charged), the sector of use (individual or collective housing, tertiary, industrial, commercial) or the conditions pumping. The acquisition of Zehnder Pumpen notably expanded the SFA offer in high-power pumps, for gray and black water, with cast iron products for example. These have already largely integrated the offer of the SANIFOS and SANICUBIC lifting stations from SFA, a benchmark brand in its segment of standing or underground stations.

Wisely complementing its solutions, SFA is taking advantage of the Interclima 2019 trade fair to lift the veil on a wide range of innovations segmented according to uses and destinations. The exhaustiveness of the SFA offer is thus organized into four distinct ranges according to their destination:

The SANISUB range is dedicated to “cellar vacuum” pumps. The SANISUB offer makes it possible to respond to all situations of pumping clear water containing solids of 10 mm or 30 mm depending on the version.

The SANIPUDDLE range brings together solutions called “mop pumps” for complete suction down to puddles of water.

The SANIPUMP range brings together the powerful answers to the use of drainage water, waste water and important sewage.

The SANIWELL range targets the well segment, whether it is for supplying water to a building or even a garden.

New pumps in all ranges

On Interclima, SFA presents a flood of new products, perfect illustrations of this new segmentation:sub range