Sanifos Under Ground Sewage Pumps and Tanks

News 04/07/2022

Sanifos Under Ground Sewage Pumps and Tanks

The Sanifos 280 pumping station is a popular underground pump and tank system available from Saniflo Ireland.

The Sanifos collection of underground pumps are installed all over the country, servicing garden rooms, modular homes, glamping sites, detached houses to apartment blocks. Saniflo Ireland mainly sell the vortex pump version which has a free passage space of 50mm meaning items should not normally go into the sewage system up to 50mm.

Sanifos 280 automatic lifting station can be used for pumping residential or industrial wastewater when the sewer is at too high a level for natural gravity drainage.

The pump has a total manometric head of 14m and a max flow rate of 26m³/h. Benefits include easy installation (preassembled components), variable incoming water connection: three drilling zones, two pumps’ versions (shredder or vortex), automatic operation, self-cleaning tank bottom, non-return and shut-off valves supplied.

Saniflo Ireland recommend this particular pump to take two bathrooms, or a house with one occupant. Larger tank options like the Sanifos 610 would be required for a four-bed, three-bathroom house. A 100mm waste pipe from kitchen and bathrooms of the small dwelling would render the Sanifos 280 tank below ground level. As the wastewater rises in the tank it will activate a float switch, pump activates and will the pump wastewater up to 70m away with a two-metre rise to the main sewer or septic tank.

The Sanifos 280 is a lifting station designed to limit the wastewater from a house: EC, sink, washing machine etc. It consists of a 280-litre tank and a pump with float switch. It is available in two different pump versions with Pro X K2 grinder wheel or vortex wheel. Sanifos 280 is delivered with its own hydraulics with shut-off valve and non-return valve. A 30cm extension is available as an option.


• Adjustable water inlet (F.E.A: 3 zones) for customised drilling

• High-performance operation up to 14m

• Available as a grinder or vortex

• Fully equipped station: valves supplied

• Wired alarm and optional extension


• Material: Polyethylene

• Max temperature of incoming wastewater: 70°c intermittently (short duration)

• ON/OFF level: 400/100mm

• 1 inlet water pump (F.E.A: 250-600MM)


• Alarm level: 550mm

• Check valve and shut-off valve

• DN 40/50 outlet for grinder

• DN 50/63 outlet for Vortex

Sanifos Pumping Stations can also be installed inside the home, in a floor standing position. The pumping stations have an incoming water flow height of 192mm to 2,450mm (and 2,940mm with the extension and manhole class D), enabling them to be installed at various distances from the house. Your pumping station requires good ventilation which needs to be installed in the upper part of the station to evacuate the gases that come from inside of the tanks and prevent any risk of explosion, avoid the station from losing pressure. To do this, umping stations have two ventilation holes.

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