Video of sewage and waste water grinder pump

News , Press releases 07/26/2020

Video of sewage and waste water grinder pump

The pump is the main component in a lifting station and has to pump wastewater or sewage reliably from any application.  Saniflo is constantly innovating to bring even more performance to its pumps for waste water and sewage pumping applications.  Reliability and security are guaranteed thanks to the multitude of tests carried out during the design process in our factories; two electrical tests, a waterproof test and a functional test.

The different systems consist of Closed impeller for grey water, Vortex impeller for wastewater and sewage and out Grinder blades.  With Zehnder pump technology this feature blade system has unbelievable results in its working environment.  It is the best Grinder blade in the market.

high performance cutting system (adjustable cutting gap; pre-adjusted to ≤ 0.05 mm)

easily cuts textiles as you can see