The new digital tools dedicated to professionals

News 06/02/2021

The new digital tools dedicated to professionals

BIM: SFA proposals


BIM (Building information modeling) is now well known in the building world and allows designers to produce a 3D model of the project, using objects with multiple technical data. The digital model constitutes a perfect detailed image of a building. Always keen to be at the forefront of innovation, SFA now offers 57 products in 3D format using commonly used formats, whether from the big names in digital publishing or even royalty-free. The various Sanibroyeur, Sanicompact, Sanipompe, Sanicubic and even Sanifos ranges are therefore available in several computer formats in order to construct a digital model of a building.

SFA PumpSelect: a simple and efficient software to size your pumping solution online

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Particularly intended for architects, fluid engineers , sanitary plumbing professionals, TP-Sanitation players and specialist traders, SFA PumpSelect  does not require any software installation and is compatible with all web browsers. This application makes it possible to quickly and simply select the right pump, according to the user's specifications and to have the complete sizing, directly downloadable and exploitable in pdf.

Like SFA references, this very easy-to-use service offers the possibility of choosing between 3 selection method options, depending on whether you are familiar with SFA references or whether you are specifically looking for a response to a specific need among the many SFA solutions.

Thus, SFA PumpSelect offers a hydraulic sizing search either by the service point, or via the product name or even with QuickSelector, which guarantees rapid hydraulic selection according to the lifting needs indicated.

The first ensures the sizing and configuration of the pumps according to the installation conditions and needs (collective or individual application), the type of effluent or the characteristics of the evacuation network (flow rate and lifting height required). Note that the SFA PumpSelect can also manage several operating points, regardless of the effluent.

The second search, by name, is carried out by direct selection of the pump, depending on the name and type of pump. Once selected, the same functions as hydraulic selection are offered, allowing the operating point to be set and the configuration to be exploited for specific operating conditions.

Finally, the ultimate sizing method made available by SFA PumpSelect, the QuickSelector, guarantees rapid and qualified hydraulic selection. This research quickly sizes the pumps after having entered the desired service point and the parameters of the values ​​Q (flow) and H (height) and the electrical frequency. Note that it is possible to specify specific operating conditions, just like in the hydraulic selection mode. Finally, to ensure an even finer selection, the applicable keywords are available.

SFA PumpSelect will therefore quickly establish itself among professionals, both for its ease and speed of use and for the safety of recommendations it provides in sizing.

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