Designed specifically where floor drainage is required but where space underneath is limited the Sanifloor + Tray is a complete kit containing a powerful shower waste pump and low level shower tray with waste. It can pump up to 3m vertically or 30m horizontally.

Complete solution which can be mounted directly on the ground

  • Kit includes shower pump, shower tray and waste
  • Low shower tray 55mm
  • Easy to install and easy to maintain

SANIFLOOR+ Tray is the easy solution for installing a shower tray without the need for major installation work. The Shower + tray kit includes a pump, a low level  shower tray and the waste. It can be installed directly onto the floor and with wireless communication between the pump and plug installation has never been easier. The pump can be sited up to 3 metres from the gully and it has a clever dual function which means it can suck water from the gully and pump the water away up to 3 metres vertically or 30 metres horizontally. The Sanifloor + Tray comes with a 2 year guarantee.

The SANIFLOOR+ Tray is available in 6 versions: 

  • SANIFLOOR+ Tray 800 x 800
  • SANIFLOOR+ Tray 900 x 900
  • SANIFLOOR+ Tray 1000 x 800 
  • SANIFLOOR+ Tray 1000 x 800 Right-hand pump
  • SANIFLOOR+ Tray 1200 x 800 
  • SANIFLOOR+ Tray 1200 x 800 Right-hand pump

Designed, made and tested in our factory in France and with 60 years of expertise and innovation the Sanifloor + tray offers you peace of mind and with the back up from our service team there has never been a better time to install a Saniflo product in your home.

SANIFLOOR+ Tray datasheet

Number of available inlets
Inlet diameter
16 mm
Recommended discharge pipe diameter
32 mm
Motor power
Supply voltage
Electrical class
IP rating
Shower tray height
Sound level
Maximum horizontal discharge
30 m
Maximum vertical discharge
3 m
Activation level

Dimensions l x w x h (mm)
295 x 191 x 164