The SANICUBIC 2 GR is a 2 motor  lifting station ideal for smaller commercial premises and larger domestic dwellings.
• Two engines with high performance cutting blades 
• Available in three phase 
• 4 versions: from 20 to 39m of lift


  • Commercial use

The SANICUBIC 2 GR is a lifting station with 2 motors IP68 certified, with two pumps with cutting blade systems.

The SANICUBIC 2 GR is available in 4 versions for 4 high level lifting performance. It has 5 entries so it is possible to raise all wastewater even in the most demanding situations.

The station comes with a remote control box as well as audible and visual alarms.

Data sheet

137 or 144 kg
Inlet diameter
50/100 mm
Recommended discharge pipe diameter
DN50 (Ø ext. 63 mm)
Motor power
2 x 2 100 W or 2 x 3 900 W
Electrical class
IP rating
Maximum flow rate
17 m³/h
Maximum current consumption
2 x 3,7 A or 2 x 6,5 A
Maximum incoming water temperature
Control box IP rating
Tank volume
150 L
Maximum depth (Q eq 0 m3/h)
22, 25, 35 or 39 m