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News 01/07/2022

Engineers Ireland Registered Training Provider

Saniflo SFA, the leader in shredders, also offers solutions to overcome the limitations of any project. When the land or the destination of collective showers or the kitchen of a restaurant is found below the level of the sewers, it becomes necessary to raise the effluents.

SFA provides you with a complete range of lifting stations, gray (showers, washing machines, etc.) or black water (all water), one or two pumps, to be buried or installed, with alarm or without ... all is possible with the SANICOM®, SANICUBIC® and SANIFOS® lift pump and station ranges.

For your gray water and for indoor installation, the SANICOM® range is the ideal answer. Available with a SANICOM® 1 with a motor is perfect for raising water of 90 ° with ease. SANICOM® 2 with its two motors operating alternately or in concert in the event of significant needs, with its alarm and its remote control box is the solution for your needs in a public place or a commercial place. 

Still for use inside a building, the SANICUBIC® range consists of no less than 6 distinct models. From SANICUBIC® 1 with one pump to SANICUBIC® 2XL with two pumps and SMART unit as standard, an answer is inevitably present. The many entrances are ready to collect all the sanitary equipment of a house or a commercial premises. In addition, its installation on the ground combined with UP technology on the engines facilitates maintenance interventions.

Finally, for discreet operation, SFA offers a whole range of underground lifting stations: SANIFOS®. In shredding or Vortex version, with 1 or 2 pumps, single-phase or three-phase motors, the range meets all needs. SANIFOS 250® is therefore perfectly buried, simple ventilation is necessary to collect all the water. For a detached house equipped with its optional alarm, this is the solution to overcome the constraints of a sloping site. SANIFOS 500® with two pumps, a SMART keypad, a standard alarm, available either in Vortex or maceration version, allows all the waste water to be discharged in very small diameters from a small collective or even from a commercial premises.

To find out what corresponds to your project, do not hesitate to visit our professional website to discover our entire range and to ask a specialist to contact you by filling out the dedicated form.