Portable submersible pumps

The Sanisub SFA range for lifting water, for all needs SFA is developing its know-how in the field of water lifting with references of basement pumps.

From the mop pump to the fully equipped stainless steel submersible pump, including a solution for aggressive water, SFA provides an answer to your needs.

Portable submersible pumps

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Sanisub 400

Sanisub 400

SANISUB 400 for cellar drainage, pumping water from sumps and living areas :...

Sanisub ZPK

Sanisub ZPK

SANISUB ZPK , 2 models for all your needs Lifting height of 7.5M or 10M...
Sanisub S-ZPK

Sanisub S-ZPK

SANISUB S-ZPK , 2 models for all your needs : Pump for aggressive or...


SANIPUDDLE  is the solution for almost complete evacuation up to 1mm. Ready...

Sanisub, a complete SFA range of basement pumps, dedicated to lifting water and more specifically to evacuating water from cellars, laundry rooms, garages and other spaces subject to accidental and temporary flooding.

Problems that are unfortunately increasingly frequent with the consequences of global warming and its extreme weather phenomena.

Sanisub offers a wide range of solutions where everyone will find in the Sanisub SFA offer, a pump adapted to their individual needs.

Sanisub, a "basement empty "range to meet all situations

Thanks to its various pumping solutions (from a rich catalog of more than one hundred pumps), the Sanisub range is the perfect illustration of SFA's expertise in accidental flooding cases, combining performance and ease of use. 

Equipped with an all-steel pump or with a polypropylene body, active on grain sizes from 1 to 30 mm, automatically triggered with a float or electronic level control, adapting to aggressive water or water temperature up to 90 ° C…, the Sanisub range offers can meet all challenges and in all configurations.

Sanipuddle: almost total evacuation up to 1 mm

So-called "mop" pump because it only leaves a puddle of one millimeter easy to absorb by a mop, the Sanipuddle solution is intended to be a real vacuum cleaner of clear water (grain size of 1 mm). Operational right out of the box, Sanipuddle, a submersible pump, has a flow rate of 5.5 m3 / hour.

Portable (only 3.8 kg), equipped with a 10 m power cable with electrical plug for a long range of action, Sanipuddle is also equipped with a non-return valve and a hose connection. DN 25 outlet. The Sanipuddle pump is also very easy to use, perfectly suited to emergency drainage. Thanks to its lifting height of 7 m, it can empty most basements, washhouses, swimming pools and garages.

Sanisub Steel emergency kit: ready to use for emergency situations

SFA has designed with Sanisub Steel Emergency Kit, a complete kit in a portable, ready-to-use locker for which all details have been taken into account. Thus, the pump, made of stainless steel, is placed in a basket with perforations (8x8) which protects it from floating foreign bodies. This basket ensures easy storage and perfect stability of the pump during use thanks to hooks molded into the basket. However, it can easily be taken out of this container and used outside. In addition, the quick connector associated with the discharge hose (15 meters long) adapts to all configurations, and automatic release is via an adjustable float. In addition, a retaining cannula prevents kinking and thus prevents any pinching of the hose. Finally, the power cable with an electrical outlet is 10 m long.

Light and robust, the Sanisub Steel 50A pump fitted to the kit allows wastewater (10 mm grain size) to be evacuated at a flow rate of 9 m3 per hour with a lifting height of up to 7 m. Weighing 13 kg and displaying an IP 68 degree of protection, the Sanisub Steel Emergency Kit has optimal engine cooling and accepts water with temperatures up to 75 ° C for a short period. It is intended for domestic, industrial or agricultural applications (pumping cellars, garages, rainwater manholes).

Sanisub ZPK: the versatile and ultra-resistant solution

Submersible and portable, the Sanisub ZPK pump is both lightweight and ultra-resistant to impact and corrosion thanks to its high quality polypropylene structure. Available in 2 models (30A and 40A) depending on its power (300 W and 850 W), the Sanisub ZPK provides lifting up to 7.5 m or 10 m high, with automatic release thanks to the float (standard) ."

Reliability and safety are also in the spotlight, since Sanisub ZPK is provided with a double seal by mechanical seal and gasket. Resistant to clear and gray water with a grain size of 10 to 30 mm for ZPK 30A or ZPK 40A and temperatures up to 90 ° C over a short period, this SFA solution is ideal for most emergency drainages of '' clear water having flooded basements, garages and rainwater manholes, but also for pumping domestic gray water (without faeces) such as showers, washing machines, sinks ...

Sanisub S ZPK: for extreme situations

SFA has declined the Sanisub ZPK pump in a version suitable for pumping water loaded with salts (maximum salt content 15%) or aggressive water from water softening systems, for example, or containing condensate. Thus was born the Sanisub S ZPK, a portable pump, equipped with a mechanical seal in high quality silicon carbide, a housing and a motor housing in stainless steel. It should also be noted that the Sanisub S ZPK and its two versions 30A and 40A (4.5 and 6.5 kg respectively) can evacuate brine water from softeners and aggressive or saline water (maximum salt content of 15%) and that they have an automatic float release as standard."

Sanisub 400 or the plug-and-play for great depths

Equipped with a non-return valve and a cooling jacket, the Sanisub 400 pump, made of polyethylene, boasts an immersion capacity of up to 7.5 m to evacuate water with particle size up to 10 mm. Compact, portable and light (4.1 kg), it is intended for the drainage of basements, sumps, wells and living rooms. As soon as it is plugged in (10 m connection cable with plug), it starts up on its own and stops on its own thanks to its integrated trigger arm.