Sanisub 400

Sanisub 400

SANISUB 400 for cellar drainage, pumping water from sumps and living areas :

  • Cellar drain pump
  • Lifting height of 7.5M
  • Automatic float release
  • Integrated check valve

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SANISUB 400 is the simple and effective solution for immediate use with its integrated release arm. You plug it in and it will start and stop by itself. With its 10mm granulometry and its 7.5M lift it will be able to cope with occasional flooding.

Sanisub 400 datasheet

Sanisub 400
Pump body PP GF
Shaft Stainless steel
Waterproofing NBR
Motor body Stainless steel
Wheel PA 6 GF
Electrical characteristics
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Power consumption P1 400 W
Power output P2 180 W
RPM 2800 rpm
Electrical class I
Electrical class of the motor F
Immersion depth 7 m
Power cable: Length 10 m
HMT max. 7.5 m
Max. flow rate 7 m³/h
Discharge diameter G 1"1/4 inch
ON/OFF level 200/50 mm
Particle size 10 mm
Max. permissible temperature of the pumped liquid 70°C (5 mins)
Wheel type Multi-channel wheel
Switching type Float
Identification & Logistics
Gross weight 4.6 kg
EAN code 3308815081632
Factory code SANISUB-005