Grease traps

To be installed or buried, for a temporary or permanent installation of grease filtration before discharge, SFA offers several dimensions and types of product with the Sanigrease range.


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Grease traps

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Sanigrease T

Sanigrease T

The SANIGREASE T is a grease trap that can be installed for use in restaurant...

Sanigrease T24

Sanigrease T24

The SANIGREASE T24 is a small grease trap that can be installed under a sink...

Two ranges of SFA grease traps and separators, a range to be installed with the Sanigrease T & S, to be buried with the Sanigrease SU range

Sanigrease T 24

Sanigrease T 24 is a polyethylene grease trap designed for frost-free installation for mobile devices such as food trucks or mobile dishwashers. Sanigrease T 24, with its small footprint and lightness (4 kg), can be easily installed under a professional sink for occasional use thanks to its DN50 inlets and outlets. Sanigrease T 24 has a total capacity of 24 L and a maximum fat volume of 8 L. It must be emptied daily. 

Sanigrease T 40/60/80/100 

The Sanigrease T 40/60/80/100 are grease traps designed for restaurant kitchen sinks. Thanks to their small footprint, their installation is quick and easy. The four height-adjustable feet make it easy to clean around the bins. Maintenance is made easy by the removable peel basket and its drain valves.

Sanigrease S 680 / S 1600 + 

Sanigrease S 680 and S 1600 are fat separators designed for collective kitchens serving up to 440 meals / day. They recover heavy residues thanks to the DN110 inlets and outlets. At only 73 cm wide, they pass easily through a door for easy handling. They exist in different versions with a drain column and ventilation.


Sanigrease SU 1 / 1.5 / 2/3 / 4+

Sanigrease SU 1 / 1.5 / 2/3/4 are grease separators designed to be buried. Available in several formats with a Nominal Size from 1 to 4 (TN), they are in recyclable polyethylene produced by rotational molding. These are models with a sludge trap for collecting heavy materials and are fitted with PVC inlet and outlet devices. Finally, the cover with seal for pedestrian passage is locked by stainless steel screws and is made of reinforced composite