Sanigrease T

Sanigrease T

The SANIGREASE T is a grease trap that can be installed for use in restaurant kitchens:

  • Raised on feet so easy to keep clean around the unit
  • 304L stainless steel tank
  • Easy and quick maintenance 
  •  4 models available depending on the number of covers needed in the restaurant

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This grease trap is a small unit: height 48.4 cm and length 48 cm but has a 304L tank. The unit has adjustable feet, making cleaning around the unit easy, has drain valves for quick and easy maintenance and has a lid with a secure seal it is perfect for use in professional kitchens. I

  • The SANIGREASE T040 is suitable for 1...

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Technical data sheet

Sanigrease T 40 Sanigrease T 60 Sanigrease T 80 Sanigrease T 100
Tank PE Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
DN inlets diameter 32 32 50 50
DN discharge diameter 32 32 50 50
Total volume 39 L 53 L 67 L 82 L
DN draining diameter 25 25 25 25
Identification & Logistics
Gross weight 26 kg 29 kg 36 kg 40 kg
EAN code 3308815082547 3308815082554 3308815082561 3308815082578
Factory code GREASET-001 GREASET-002 GREASET-003 GREASET-004
Sanigrease T

Sanigrease T