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Installation instructions and technical documentation

You will find on this page all the technical documentation necessary for the installation of our products. Booklets, notices and declarations of performance are at your disposal for each of the SFA products.

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You are an installer

Your activities are diverse, from water meter and bathroom installation to community and industrial equipment, not to mention swimming pools, fountains, water jets, domestic water treatment and fire protection, etc. As techniques are constantly evolving, the profession of sanitary installer keeps a practical and specific aspect with the use of different materials (copper, steel, stainless steel, PER, etc.).

To adapt to the different stages of life, it may be necessary to arrange your home by adding, for example, sanitary facilities or a new water feature. SFA products allow these installations to be carried out easily and without major work!

If the bathroom to be created is located in a room away from the building's drainage columns, in the attic or in the basement, an arrangement is necessary to evacuate the wastewater to the pipes.

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