• Sanicubic GR solves sewage problems in Ireland

    A powerful black water pumping solution from Saniflo is helping to provide waste discharge solutions for buildings across Ireland. The floor-mounting Sanicubic 1GR is a product from the Zehnder Pump range, now part of the Saniflo SFA Group. Highly rugged and durable and available as a single or three-phase option, the 1GR is designed to pump waste up to 39m from domestic and commercial buildings. The compact unit has a capacity of 55 litres and multiple inlets for connection to up to four [...]

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  • Lift Stations

    From one home to another, the needs and constraints in terms of wastewater disposal can differ significantly. This is the reason why it is imperative to carry out a study upstream of any decision-making. It is indeed necessary to take into account the quantity of water to be evacuated, the number of sanitary devices to be connected, as well as the lifting height necessary to reach the sewer in order to choose the right lifting station without making a mistake.

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