Sanifos 280

Sanifos 280

An automatic lifting station that can be used for pumping residential or industrial waste water when the sewer is at too high level for natural gravity drainage

  • Designed for drainage of a single dwelling incorporating WC, bathroom, kitchen, utility room
  • Powerful automatic motor with quiet operation, grinder and vortex versions available
  • Easy handling for installation below ground level
  • Pumps up to 14m

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The SANIFOS® 280 is an automatic lifting station for residential or industrial waste. It can take waste from a toilet, basin, bath, shower, bidet, washing machine, dishwasher and sink. It is designed to take waste from a single residential dwelling including bathroom, kitchen, utility room etc. It comes in two versions the first comes with a...

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Sanifos 280 datasheet

Sanifos 280
Number of pumps 1
Tank PE
Piping PVC
Electrical characteristics
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Power consumption P1 1500 W
Power output P2 1050 W
RPM 2800 rpm
Electrical class I
Electrical class of the motor F
Immersion depth 5 m
Power cable: Length 10 m
Power cable: Type, Section H07 RN-F 3G, 1.5 mm²
HMT max. 14 m
Max. flow rate 11 m³/h
Ext. inlets diameter 50, 100 mm
Ext. discharge diameter 50 mm
Ext. ventilation diameter 75 mm
DN ventilation diameter 75
Total volume 280 L
FEA min. 180 mm
Max. FEA with extension if available 885 mm
Wheel type Expanding wheel
Switching type Float
Identification & Logistics
Gross weight 55 kg
EAN code 3308815083117
Factory code SANIFOS280GRS