Basement Flood

News , Press releases 01/12/2021

Basement Flood

From heavy rainfall or rising sea level may cause flooding basement . A flooded cellar or a garage filled with water can also be the result of a major water leak . In these circumstances, the water must be emptied quickly for reasons of safety and hygiene . The moisture causes indeed irreparable damage to equipment and buildings, not to mention the harmful germs for locals. A flooded basementis always difficult to evacuate. SFA offers to act quickly with the ready-to-use emergency kit: SANISUB STEEL.

Basement flooding: what to do?

To empty the water from a flooded cellar or garage , you must use a sump pump . This equipment draws water from the basement through a delivery pipe , before discharging it into a garden or, failing that, into a ditch. In order to be able to intervene in emergency as soon as a flood appears , SFA offers you to equip yourself with the SANISUB STEEL kit which can be used immediately and without preparation.

SANISUB STEEL emergency kit: the basement flooding solution.

SANISUB STEEL is a ready-to-use drainage solution . The kit includes a stainless steel drain pump , a basket with fixing kit, a threaded drain hose with quick couplings and a holding cannula. The efficiency of the cellar pump is ensured by a flow rate of 9m3 / h, as well as by a lifting height exceeding 7 meters. The basket acts as a filter, preventing the passage of foreign objects floating inside the suction pipeso as not to block it. The latter has a length of 15 meters, which allows it to be used in all circumstances. Finally, the retaining cannula is useful to avoid any risk of pinching the hose when the pump is started. The whole is connected to a simple electrical outlet by a 10-meter cable, long enough to be plugged in far from the flooded basement .

SANISUB STEEL solves any problem with basement flooding.

The SANISUB STEEL flood kit is a functional, portable model. It can be used to drain flooded basements , submerged cellars , soggy garages and even stormwater manholes . Just plug it in and the system is automatically triggered by an adjustable float. Resistant and durable, this equipment is guaranteed for 2 years by SFA.