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Install a walk-in shower anywhere at home

Advice , News , Product tutorials , Professional blog 03/29/2023

Install a walk-in shower anywhere at home

Very fashionable, the walk-in shower seduces for its comfort of use, its perfect integration with the decoration of the bathroom and the safety it offers, especially for people with reduced mobility. Its installation can however be compromised in certain configurations, due to specific constraints. Fortunately, thanks to Saniflo SFA solutions, it is now possible to install a walk-in shower anywhere in a house or on the garden side. Here is everything you need to know to soon offer a homeowner the elegant shower of their dreams.


See what you need to install a walk-in shower:

Sufficient floor height - It is essential to embed the shower tray in the floor of the bathroom, and enough height is needed to properly install the drain. For renovations, you can opt for an extra-flat shower tray and a water-lifting solution from the Saniflo range. A sloping shower floor for water drainage - This can be in the centre of the tray or at one end. A ready-to-tile tray will help as its profile incorporates the correct slope.  Good shower seal - The sealing is more complex than that of a shower tray or a cabin since the entire system is embedded in the ground. 

Non-slip coating to prevent falls – Solutions include non-slip tiling, decorative pebble slabs, mosaic, special flexible coatings, recessed trays in non-slip acrylic or resin, water-repellent waxed concrete, etc.


The Sanifloor+ range offers four variants according to the type of drain supplied with the lifting pump. All incorporate a removable sieve system to retain hair and other foreign bodies that fall into the water. 

Sanifloor+ 1: designed for floors to be tiled and a mat designed to seal under the tiles.

Sanifloor+ 2: suitable for walk-in showers made with a flexible floor. Sanifloor+ 3: features a specific drain for extra-flat shower trays. Sanifloor+ 4: its drain is designed to adapt to ready-to-tile trays in the Wedi® range.

Thanks to Sanifloor+ from SFA, you don’t need to install the walk-in shower in the immediate vicinity of a wastewater pipe. You are also not required to respect a minimum slope to connect to it. The space-saving Sanifloor+ lifting pumps are specially designed to pump grey water from a pressurized shower. The supplied shower plug is equipped with a radio transmitter which communicates with the pump control box. It can then be concealed in a box or cupboard, to preserve the aesthetics of the room.

The arrival of water in the drain controls the triggering of the pump, at a high flow rate of up to 30 litres per minute. Thus, Sanifloor+ from SFA allows you to install a walk-in shower with a shower head.