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Sanifos 2100 enables unusual new property in Tipperary

Cases studies , News , Press releases , Professional blog 03/17/2023

Sanifos 2100 enables unusual new property in Tipperary

 The house is sited on a hillside in a residential street in County Tipperary but its position is lower than the main sewer, rendering gravity drainage impossible.  Working within guidance and recommendations from Irish Water, an engineer proposed a Sanifos 2100 with a ZFS twin pump which was installed and has been fully operational for over 12 months. With an impressive 1370 litre tank to guarantee plenty of capacity, the Sanifos 2100 pumps waste from two bathrooms and a range of kitchen appliances. With multiple connection points on the unit, all waste is channelled through sewer pipework to the Sanifos which is activated automatically and discharges the waste through DN50 pressure pipework to the sewer on the main road which is some 60m away horizontally, but also 10m above the location of the property. 

Robin Jackman of Saniflo Ireland oversaw the project and proposed the Sanifos solution;

“The beauty of this pumped solution was the huge savings made over the civils work that would have been required to install gravity drainage. The builder would have had to raise the house, drive and garden to get sufficient falls to the drainage. This would have also added a lot of time to the project, whereas the Sanifos was cost-effective and quick to install by comparison.”

Sanifos 2100

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